With a cumulative 20 years of experience, Superior Computer Solutions is a team of Professionals which includes engineers,software Developers,and Technicians dedicated to provide the best computer Solutions of Software,Hardware and Networking solutions for home, office, and businesses of all sizes.

Since 1996, SCS has worked with many regular customers and clients in the USA. The company started out with onsite support, but now provides many more services such as Software Solutions ,LAN and WAN installation and services, voice over IP phone systems installation and support,Maintenance & support of computers and networks  Website development  and much more.

We promise customer satisfaction with our one-on-one customer to engineer services to fit your every Software ,Hardware and Networking need. In this way, there is always the same one person the client or customer can contact for step-by-step instructional help and on-site work.

SCS can provide networking and hardware solutions for businesses of all needs and sizes; be it a small business looking for deployment of LAN and connectivity for a couple of sites or a large business looking for deployment of multicast services for its streaming video application

SCS provides a wide range of services to cater to every customer’s computer Software,hardware and networking needs.


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