Warehouse & Production Management

Process based Manufacturing Automation Solution for the Food Industry.

Web Browser based Warehouse & Production Management software with real time interface with Sage100 ERP.

ScanMax Software Advantages:


Improved tracking of work in progress (WIP).

Track and trace with barcodes.


Better visibility of Inventory.

specific put away location.

Faster and easier Inventory counts.


Lot based tracking of material used.

Older lot first for inventory manageability.


Interface with SAGE 100 ERP with Barcode Import module.

Production line Finish Goods bar coded label creation.


Production performance time reports.

Faster than manual entry – improves labor productivity.


Accuracy – 99.9% data accuracy.


Real time tracking of processes.

Transaction files for processes to import to SAGE ERP.

Dashboard with process Insight.

Provides a view into the processes with the real time insight.

User defined Dashboard view option.

ScanMax Software Processes:

PO – Receiving.

Receiving management.

Bar coded Purchase Order for Receiving.

Distribution of qty on pallets and ID creation.

Transaction file creation for Import into SAGE ERP.

SO – Shipping.

Picking and shipping management.

SO based lotted picking for produced items.

Bar coded Picking sheet for shipping.

Transaction file creation for Import into SAGE ERP.

Bill of Lading for picked items.

Inventory management.

Real time item tracking and availability.

Lotted & Non Lotted item distribution and tracking.

Bar code ID on each item.

Bar code each item being produced.

Bar code the location of shelving.

Acurate Inventory Counts & Discrepancy reporting.

Transaction file creation for Import into SAGE ERP.

BM – Production.

Component item qty’s used.

Bill of Material transaction creation.

Production progress tracking.

Production performance tracking.

Label/IDs for produced goods.

Scan/Update finished goods when produced.

Transaction file creation for Import into SAGE ERP.

Product definition and case Labeling.

Finished Goods Customer product definition.

Case Weight Label printing in production line.

Net weight and Fixed weight printing option.

Pallet Weight list logging and creation.

Pallet label creation.

Label Designer.

Industry standard Label designer.

Barcode defining and creation.


Detail Receiving Reports.

Detail Production Reports.

Production Performance Reports.

Shipping/Bill Of Lading.

Inventory detail Reports.

Inventory Counts & Discrepancy Reports.